Anthony Robbins

Anthony Robbins is a world renowned motivational guru. He commands HUGE fees to bring his upbeat hard-driving message to corporate executives, conventions, expos, sports teams, and television. For years, Tony Robbins' informercials have been very successful and many people credit his techniques for their success. He has become EXTREMELY wealthy practicing what he preaches!

You may have seen his old infomercial that was shot on location on his own "personal" tropical island. He is a living example of "following your dreams" and his longevity and popularity are a testment to positive thinking, at least for Tony!

There have been a long succession of motivational speakers, now more than ever, motivation is big business, but Tony Robbins ranks up there with the greatest. Names like: Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peale, Tupac Shakra and of course, Dale Carnegie!

Anthony Robbins deserves a lot of credit for turning generalized concepts into step-by-step, practical, workable programs to the masses. Sure, you can read a book and feel a little better about yourself, but Tony introduced programs with a more practical format that can help you change a habit, improve your communication skills, recognize opportunities, improve sales and much more.

Without a doubt, his information has helped countless people to improve their situations by improving themselves!!!

These days their are countless Tony Robbins knock-offs, their are MLM's that offer motivation as THE product, seminars, courses, and inumerable speakers on the motivational circuit.

Keep this in mind: Motivation for the sake of motivation may make you happy, but it won't necessarily make you MONEY! You certainly have a better shot if you are positive and motivated, but the right money-making vehicle is still the MOST important thing. Tony Robbins will take care of the motivation, but equally as important is the opportunity through which you channel your knew found positivity. From my unique vantage point, I am POSITIVE that vehicle is the INTERNET!

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