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Is it real? Or just another MLM?

The opening statement from states “AmeriPlan USA®Corporation. . . the nation’s premier Discount Medical Plan Organization, saving its members hundreds of millions of dollars in supplemental healthcare benefits since 1992.”

This plan includes 25,000+ dental providers, 7,000+ chiropractors, 50,000+ retail pharmacies, 12,000+ optical providers with over 1 million covered lives.

There is a disclosure on the website that this is not insurance. This is the typical disclosure for all reputable discount programs of which there are many, many, many. In the case of this one, there is quite a difference in that the disclosure goes on to say, “The name, address, and speciality of discount medical program providers in your service area are available before purchase. With this information, it is possible to obtain information before paying the membership fee, which is conducive to people really shopping around.

There are further disclosures which state that The Plan provides discounts at certain healthcare providers for medical services. It does not make payments directly to the providers of medical services, and that a MEMBER is obligated to pay all healthcare services, but will receive a discount from the healthcare providers.

This is all good, up-front information and advice. The concern we have with this— and any other discount program—is that it can be misrepresented by enthusiastic sales representatives. Although this refers to “agents”, this type coverage does not require a state-licensed individual to sell the coverage, and that does mean that there is one level of consumer protection which is not present. The company itself will terminate any sales person who does make false claims, however.

The bottom line for the customer is Caveat Emptor—let the buyer beware that he is being told the complete facts of this plan.

Now about the sales opportunity.

Obviously, as in any MLM, the more downline you have the better. So, how are you at recruiting? Because, that’s what it’s all about. And, with that in mind, this could be a real opportunity if you’re good at recruiting. The fact that there is great name recognition is a plus. It also indicates that many people have been approached about The Plan, does it not?

There may still be some places in the US that have not been “worked” where this is concerned. That is the difficult thing to know, but most have!

This company and its plan have been around awhile. Almost everyone has heard of it. Those are good things if you are a member. However, if you are looking to sell other than to friends and family, this could be an opportunity whose time has passed.

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