America's Note Network / Winning In The Cash Flow Business ™

America's Note Network and Winning in the Cash Flow Business from Russ Dalbey has generate more emails and phone calls to this office then almost any other program. I can identify with them because I believed the Find Them, List Them, and Make Money pitch of this info-mercial. Just like you, I thought this looked like a great idea.

Fortunately, I was mainly reviewing the course for this website and I have experience with countless opportunities, so I was able to see what was happening pretty quick. The information you order from the Winning In The Cash Flow Business ™ info-mercial, in terms of cost, is just the tip of a big iceberg!

Even BEFORE I received the material I ordered, a representative of Russ Dalbey contacted me. He explained that he had been "assigned" as my mentor and explained that I would need his help to succeed. I was a bit confused seeing as how I had not even received the information yet! That fact didn't seem to phase him one bit.

He went forward with his hard driving sales pitch as though I wouldn't understand the material, even after it arrived. I finally got him to admit that he had no experience and he had NEVER done a Note Deal in his life. This he admitted, right before he asked me to put $2900 on my credit card for his help!

I insisted that I wanted to at least receive the material from America’s Note Network before I spent more money, he did not like that one bit either. I finally did receive what I ordered and discovered that he was right! It was very fragmented and hard to understand, almost as though it was designed that way!

Another of the Winning In The Cash Flow "mentors" called me several times after that with the same hard sell, trying to convince me to spend additional money. One offered me a "special deal" for only $8000!

They promised to help me put up a website, which only costs an additional $499 plus the monthly fee, they would also help me send out advertisements(postcards), advise me and "walk me through it," having never actually done it themselves, lucky me!

These salesmen were extremely pushy and it was a hard sell, to say the least and on several occasions. The whole process made me very uncomfortable, so I decided at that point to opt-out of America's Note Network and Winning In The Cash Flow Business ™.

Unfortunately, many have continued on to spend A LOT of money, some $10000+ and had little or no success. I have so many emails pertaining to this program I could put up another website exclusively dedicated to it!

One thing that you can be absolutely sure of about America's Note Network is that Russ Dalbey is winning in the cash flow business, even if nobody else is!

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