Affiliate X

Affiliate X is making some big claims like you will start making $918 a day "instantly." Your about to find out what to really expect.

This is yet another of the offers that is promising you riches for basically doing nothing. Affiliate X goes into great detail about how everything is done for you.

This sounds very much like the deal that is providing you with an affiliate program "review site" that in essence is telling people that you have ACTUALLY tried the programs that you are "claiming" to be the best.

But obviously, since Affiliate X is going to make sure that you have the "newest and hottest" clickbank releases that are sent directly into your website "panel," that means that these offers will change, so saying that you have tried them, probably, unless you have NOTHING else to do, will be a lie.

Don't get me wrong, perhaps that Affiliate X has come up with some tools that would make affiliate marketing a little easier in a technical sense, but the promises this makes are quite grandiose and this type of thing is far from original.

Now, supposedly, you are going to get "everything" that you would need to make all this money for $47!

You SHOULD ask yourself: If Affiliate X can make all of this money, why would it be a mere $47 instead of $47,000? Here is the VERY probable reason: You are going to be asked, over and over, to spend A LOT more than $47 with up sell after up sell.

Now Affiliate X is a Clickbank product, so you can get a refund, so if you want to take the time to see that I am right, feel free, but don't think that it is REALLY going to make you all of that money. Almost all of these type of over-the-top programs are designed for you to RE-SELL them to make any money and from the looks of it, there is already A LOT of people doing that!

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