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The American Cash Flow Institute / ACFI is an educational orginization that offers a course on making money with cash flows.This is not the only way to learn about the Cash Flow Industry and it definitely is not the least expensive.

Due to large scale advertising by another company, The American Cash Flow Corporation(sound similar?) the cash flow industry has been getting a lot of publicity of late.

The basic jest of the cash flow industry is the buying and selling of cash flows ie: car notes, real estate notes, inventories,mobile home notes etc...

The cash flow business is very competitive and is not as easy as these courses want you to believe. In fact, almost the opposite is true!

Wherever there is the possibility of "easy money" there are always many entities trying to get it. In the cash flow industry you have banks, insurance companies, Factoring companies, Pension Plans, and investment companies both large and smalland not to mention the tens of thousands of graduates(?)of programs like this! So as you can see, you will have a lot of competition. Personally, I can think of several ways to make plenty of money with no where near this kind of competition!

I have talked to many individuals who have paid sizable sums to learn about cash flows, all of them agree that it is promising, but the single biggest problem they have is TIME! This business takes a large amount of time and effort.

It is very misleading to convince people that this business is so easy and effortless. It is difficult and stressful to find these cash flows and it is certainly takes more attention than ACFI would have you believe.

The American Cash Flow Institute / ACFI offers a free seminar to give people a very "positive spin" on the cash flow industry as a "hook", but the promise of possible riches is only to buffer you against the bomb they drop at the end!

They will attempt to get you seeing the "Pie In The Sky" before they lay the almost $4000 price tag on you! This is for their 3 day training seminar and most assuredly they will want you to sign up for ongoing training after that!

I hear from a lot of people and believe it or not, I love to hear from people who tell me they have had success with programs, but I have never talked to or heard from anyone claiming much success with The American Cash Flow Institute. That does not mean there are no success stories, but I can assure you it is not as easy as ACFI claims!

There are many sources to learn about the cash flow industry and in my opinion The American Cash Flow Institute is way over priced. For as much as they charge you could find some cash flows on your own and actually make money instead of giving it to them. I would try your local bookstore first.

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