American Cash Flow Corporation ™/ ACFC

When you attend the "free' presentation for The American Cash Flow Corporation ™ or ACFC you will see a high tech, multi-media presentation that is designed to get you very excited about the possibilities of this business. There is no doubt that there are possibilities, but a major commitment of time and resources will be necessary.

The American Cash Flow Corporation ™ offers to provide the degree of training and expertise that is needed to even begin to succeed in this business. The initial material is expensive and you should be prepared to spend several thousand dollars more for the more advanced materials.

The individuals I have spoken with, who have paid this money, all INTEND to get around to doing the business and they all agree that this program offers some good information. They also agree that finding the TIME to locate buyers and sellers, negotiate the deals, and profit from cash flows can be very challenging.

The competition is growing rapidly from other "cash flow" education programs, large and medium sized financial institutions, and experienced individual investors. If you want to make money in this industry you will need considerable start-up capital, a very strong work ethic, and plenty of time and patience.

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