Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy affiliate from Kyle and Carsen is obviously what you are looking for more information about.  I have done the research so you don’t have to.

I am Andrew Wilson and for 18 years now through my videos and blogs, that have over 1500 reviews on them, I have been informing the public about which programs work and which don’t.  I have tested them and tried them and spent my money, so you don’t have to.  Simply subscribe to the feed on this website or click the bell by this video to be notified when a new video of important urgent information is available. 

Ok….wealthy affiliate by Kyle and Carsen has been around for a good while and believe it or not, these guys bought an Internet Marketing course from me BEFORE they started Wealthy Affiliate.  That is why I KNOW what this program teaches actually works because I taught it to them.  That is also why I KNOW exactly what you need to know before you try it.

Obviously the main goal of wealthy affiliate is for you to have success marketing someone else’s products.  In other words, making a commission as an affiliate marketer.  Pretty much everything on line that is already for sale, will allow you to also sell it, and earn a commission as an affiliate.  And this is really what wealthy affiliate is set up for you to do….sell wealthy affiliate!

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But wait--wealthy affiliate says you can “join for free”, so what is to sell?  The version that you can join for free really does not give you any functionality at all.  It will give you the ability to go in and see what you will get if you actually pay, but not much else. 

Wealthy affiliate’s main idea is for you to start a “review blog” very similar to the one that you are on right now.  I can assure you that it is a fantastic thing to have, for getting traffic and establishing your brand.  You can also be sure that cultivating and growing an information website such as this, to the point where it delivers for you, will take a monumental effort, determination and A LOT OF TIME!

However, let’s say you feel wealthy affiliate is your cup of tea.  What can you expect?  Typically, Kyle and Carsen offer the first month for $19.95,  and that opens things up so you can get started putting your blog together and get things going.  Wealthy affiliate certainly has a ton of information to help you. It also for the most part shows you how to get going with your own blog and believe me, if you do Word Press, you WILL need a LOT of help.  You don’t really need me to go through all of the features wealthy affiliate offers, because lord knows there are  incredible numbers of people out there pushing it-- of whom will also be competing with…in a big way.

Wealthy affiliate is certainly not rocket science, and it is a simple concept  that is easily understood.  That is why so many people are trying to do it.  Reviewing something on line whether it is something you bought or a restaurant or whatever is now so common place, it just makes common sense.  Believe me, it has been working for me personally for about 18 years…big time!

So if you decide to do wealthy affiliate, which is a good thing to do in the background, I am sure you and I at some point will be in competition!

That is cool, the internet is big enough for that, but I am just one of the MANY times 1000! Therefore if you are interested in making money NOW, wealthy affiliate is probably not going to be the thing for you.

As I said to cultivate and grow it in the background as a traffic generating and branding method, for the future is certainly a worthwhile thing to do.  The actual monthly charge for wealthy affiliate is $49.95 per month after you get past the initial discount.  That is not bad for all the things that they give you to make building a web presence easier, but it is also going to be a while before you start recouping that money.  Should you thinking about building for the future?  Absolutely!

However,  you may not be comfortable at the moment with investing nearly $50.00 a month to build an asset that may deliver something in the future.

Whether, you start building wealthy affiliate now or not, you may like the idea of starting to make money NOW…today, with no out of pocket cost, guaranteed

Get this started now and watch it grow fast with little effort following the simple directions in just minutes a day.

Wealthy affiliate has a good social media that can help you to a degree, while putting yourself in a better position for the future,  and so does the program that you can join for FREE and start making money right now.  It is amazingly easily compared to wealthy affiliate at the moment so, go and check out the 100% free business where you can start today, get paid today, see it for yourself. CLICK HERE