Anik Singal

Anik Singal has been around for quite some time and has done well for himself online. The question is will he do well for YOU?

This is one busy guy, he has put out many products and lent his name to many others. The products he is associated with are typically quite good, BUT he is definitely not giving them away!

Anik Singal is involved in Learn Inc. which is supposed to teach you all about blogging and affiliate marketing. He also did the PPC Classroom to try and teach you how to NOT loose your shirt with pay-per-click marketing and he has done quite a bit with Ewen Chia.

So Anik Singal has been around for sure, but it REALLY depends on where you are as a marketer if what he offers is for you. First of all, whatever he offers is typically expensive.

Logic tells you that you want to make sure that you are even at the level that can be helped by what he is offering. And also be aware that there WILL be further expenses and purchases forthcoming.

It is not necessary to spend ongoing monthly fees, and buy a lot of upsells like you will with Anik Singal to get up and making money online.

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