4Life is a Multi Level Marketing Company based out of Sandy, Ut. Founded by David and Bianca Lisonbee, this company is offers products in the Health and Wellness industry.

Without exception, every company that is in Health and Wellness has a "breakthrough" product that is the platform upon which to build their company. Many choose the Multi Level Marketing model because of it's effectiveness in spreading word of mouth. There is no better type of advertising and if a product really works, people will be extremely excited and motivated.

This product with 4Life is called: Transfer Factor! The benefits of this product are many, such as: Keeping your immune system in optimum response condition and ready to fight any problems like unhealthy bacteria multiplication. It re-enforces your immune systems germ fighting capabilities.

Of course, in addition to the MAIN product, 4 Life also offers high quality products in other areas including: General Health, Personal Care, Weight Loss, and even Animal Care!

Obviously, 4Life is no fly-by-night outfit like SO many MLM companies are, they have good products that have positive and meaningful benefits on peoples lives, but this website is Home Based BUSINESS Reviews, so let's talk a little about the BUSINESS end of it!

It is an irrefutable fact that there are inumerable MLM companies that focus on Health and Wellness. Honestly, I can name 10 or 15 with very little effort.They all have great products and legions of people that swear by them, but...you want to talk about competition! Every city has supermarkets, drug stores, Whole Foods type markets and countless distributors from other Nutritional MLM companies. Have you ever heard of Herbalife?

I am not trying to knock 4life.com, it really does have some good products, but how do you go about CONVINCING someone to use them? For a moment, let me share a personal experience: Now, I have had very good success with Network Marketing, but when I first started out, it was with a Health and Nutrition company. There is no point in naming it, just suffice it to say, they had great products, "breakthrough" products!

I truly believed that there was NO WAY anyone would not buy them! Well, I had a neighbor, an older woman, and I just adored her. Unfortunately she had serious health problems and was taking numerous medications. One of the products I offered supposedly CURED her most serious problem, so as you can imagine, I was very excited about telling her. I confidently approached her and told her about this "miracle" and her response was, "let me talk to may doctor about it!" To make a longs story short, she never tried it and I ran into that problem over and over. I came to the realization that you can't "make" someone use something and if they don't use it, they won't won't re-order it!

As you can imagine, owning a website like this, I have a huge amount of people contacting me about their opportunity. That being the case, most of them don't meet the criteria that I was FORCED to use to analyze them.

I have had success with those that have just the right mix. I finally determined that for someone to have success, aprogram had to have a UNIQUE product that could not be mistaken for something else, little or no competition, be poised for explosive growth, AND have a great Pay Plan with people already making BIG money. If it is dealing with new, cutting edge technology, that is even better!

Very few programs that are presented to me fit these criteria. 4Life has some great products, but I chose not to try the Health and Nutrition thing again. I look for something that makes the most in the least amount of time with the least effort and resistance.

After years of testing MLM companies, I noticed most of them don't generate enough money because they don't have a unique product. After years of research, I finally found the one that pays the best and has a unique product with True mass appeal and NO COMPETITION. Finally, a business that is how you thought it should be. To find out which one Beats All Others Click Here

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