24DailyPro has lasted much longer than most auto-surf programs that pop up on the internet and then soon disappear, but be careful because everyone knows that 12 Daily Pro bit the dust and there is not much difference in the two.

In case your new to auto-surfing, this is a way to make money by viewing websites that advertisers pay to be put in a rotation. You join a program by investing your money and then viewing a certain number of ads(websites) per day.

With 24dailypro.com you could start with as little as $6 or as much as $6000. Obviously, the more you put in the more you make--or lose--whichever the case may be. Most people invest a small amount and re-invest most of their gains.

The problem with these programs is that at the first hint of a problem, everyone tries to get their money out, like a run on the banks during the depression. The program usually cannot absorb the loss and collapses.

This has happened to MANY other popular programs that people thought would last forever. Some of these came back, most didn't. Some even still accept new members who then need to pray for a miracle to get their money. Why put yourself through it?

It is usually some problem with the payment processor that begins the Domino Effect and drives these programs under and this was the story with 12 Daily Pro and could happen again with 24dailypro.com At any time these auto-surf programs can shut down, they are very unstable to say the least. Many claimed to make money with 12DailyPro, but people did exaggerate their earnings to convince others, in order to get the referral bonus?

One of my sources who surfs 70 different programs, on 4 different computers simultaneously, raved and raved about this one, but now he is singing a different song. He finally had to admit that even the most stable, of these unstable programs, can go up in smoke at any time!

Instead of "gambling" on auto-surf programs like this, all you really need is an easy step-by-step online path to follow. One PROVEN to last, if treated like a real business. This will give you a stable growing income while everyone else tries to "Get Rich Quick" by jumping from one program to another!

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