2 Plus 7 REALITY!

2 Plus 7 has been around a while, sort of. Now you will find out if this is REALLY what you want to spend your precious time doing.

About 2 years ago, I got a phone call from a fellow that was all excited about this opportunity and he pitched it to me HARD. Then he proceeded to call me two or three times per DAY!

His persistence finally paid off because I broke down and joined 2 plus 7 because he was so convinced that it was the best thing since sliced bread.

Now this guy was an insurance agent and not an experienced MLM person, which I am. I have never been very excited about the 2Up binary structure, but HE was just so excited, so I forked out the $27.

I really didn't see a solid way to market this and the products seem to be very unrelated, but in theory it seemed ok. Even though, honestly, it seemed like a hodge podge of things just thrown together to substantiate the $27 because the FTC requires these things to have some sort of "product."

The 2 plus 7 "products" are online coupons and "discounted" monthly consultations with "experts" in various fields. This puts them in direct competition with MANY other similar, much slicker programs doing the coupon thing and the never ending supply of "experts" offering FREE advice all over the place.

Very shortly after I joined, this fellow started calling again telling me about all the "changes" that were taking place in 2 plus 7. Changes to the PAY PLAN that is. This was a re d flag to me BIG TIME.

Subsequently, they did change to a more linear compensation structure.

Granted, that was in the beginning when the "founders" were trying to "figure it out."

The whole deal is that you must get two people to buy into this and then some way or another (hounding people, I guess), they must get 7 more people and then you "cycle" and you make $27, BIG DEAL!

Then you do that all over again to make another whopping $27.

That is A LOT of chasing folks and DEPENDING ON OTHER PEOPLE for not very much return and I certainly didn't have time for all that, there are much bigger fish to fry.

Needless to say I, personally, was very unimpressed with 2 plus 7 and immediately dropped it. Then a while later, the same fellow that introduced me (hounded me) called and started in on me about some other completely different "miracle" scheme!

Heaven only knows what 2 plus 7 is trying to do now, but whatever it is, that's a BIG NO THANK YOU from me!

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