1 Step System

I have been receiving inquiries about the 1 Step System, so I thought I would do some research and tell you what it's all about.

This opportunity is similar to several others that are currently available, it is unique in several aspects, but the basic concept is not new. This program has many characteristics of MLM in that your income is derived from the recruitment of others. The money does not flow up through an organization like traditional MLM. Instead, the money only flows up one level to the person above you.

There are several programs that are very similar to this and they are called "2-Up" programs and here is how they typically work:

You come into the program by purchasing the "product," you are then able to bring in people yourself, but you must "qualify" before you can make any money. This step involves you finding others that will also join the program. The money or a portion of it from these two sales goes up to the person who brought you in, hence "2-Up."

Different opportunities have their own unique twist on this concept. Some allow you to avoid "qualifying" if you join at a much higher dollar level and others only have one level.

To join 1 Step System you will need to purchase the "Ultimate Marketers Tool Box" for $597, containing 1192 pages of information along with 55 hours of audio and marketing software. Once you are involved you will then need to make "qualifying" sales. $500 from each of these two sales flows up to the person responsible for bringing you in, you are then able to make money for yourself.

The idea is that you can use these "tools" to help you market more efficiently. If you get others to join, you then assist them in getting two people, so the money can flow up to you.

Several other opportunities similar to the 1 Step System have been successful for some people, but the reality is that not everyone makes money. I have been contacted by people who wanted help with marketing their marketing systems, which tells me that something is missing. In theory this type of turn-key marketing system should work, but the realities of internet marketing require that proven techniques also be utilized. If you really learn how internet marketing is done, you can be successful with this program or anything else.

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