Over the years, we have had SO many requests for information about Grants that we try to keep you as informed as possible. If you have been to this site before then you know we are not fooled by fancy graphics and big promises. We do in-depth, exhaustive research to establish who is legit and who is just blowing smoke.

It is a reality that Federal, State, and Private Foundations allocate Billions each year for different specific purposes. The determining factor is supply and demand. Many agencies are REQUIRED to give away a certain amount per year and if they do not, the next year there is less available. Most of this money goes unclaimed because people either don't know it exists or apply for it in an improper way.

There are Government Grants, Small Business Grants, College Grants, Federal Grants, Education Grants, Scholorship Grants, Student Grants, and even more specific types such as Farm Grants or Grants for Women. Obvioulsy, there is an almost never ending list of sources for free money.

There are now hundreds of websites on the internet that promise to make this process much easier. Therein lies the problem, it is very difficult to know which sites are really helpful and which ones offer rehashed outdated material.

The shear number of websites to choose from can quickly become overwhelming, so we developed a set of criteria by which to evaluate such websites.

We have developed a six point rating system based on the following: Number of Grants available with accurate contact information, Number of Catagories, Percentage of Applications Submitted and Accepted, Update Regularity, Application Tutorials, and Customer Service.

With new Grant sites popping up everyday, it would be impossible to research them all. You also have these so called "free" Grant CD programs that are full of errors, advertisements, and expensive hidden ongoing monthly fees that are almost impossible to cancel. We only focus on the established, credible programs that have stood the test of time and of all the programs researched, the following rate the highest based on our criteria.

type at home review first                            Top Grant Sites
                                              (See Reviews Below)

       Site Link                          Rating       Guarantee      One-Time Fee                     6 out of 6                90 days                         $39.95                                5.5                      90 days                   $39.95           4                  90 days                         $49.00                                3.5                      90 days                         $39.95

6 out of 6

This program stands alone as the best we have seen. The biggest problem with most grant sites is organization, but that definitely is not the case here. UncleSamsMoney is a well  thought out and easy to navigate directory with countless direct and indirect grant agencies catorgorized in a well organized way. You can easily find the type, name, and contact information for Private, Federal, and State Grant Agencies along with the Tutorials and Application Information that makes this whole process very simple. The customer service is exceptional and we never had to wait more than an hour or so to receive an email reply and you can even call! With the limited time discounted price, bonuses, and the 90 day guarantee, this is definitely our top pick. 

One Time: $39.95

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5.5 out of 6

If it was not for UncleSamsMoney, this would be our top choice. Grant-Sources is also an excellent grant guide with well organized and catagorized  listings of Private, Federal, and State Grant Agencies. The Tutorials that are included, as well as, the Application Package greatly speed up the process. There may not be quite as many providers listed in this directory, but excellent organization puts near the top of our list. Grant-Sources also offers a 90 day money back guarantee and the customer service is very good.  

One Time: $39.95

To check it out for yourself: Click Here


4 out of 6

In many cases, people are primarily seeking money to further their education and for this reason we included the Scholarship and Grant Guide in our top picks. This directory is as the name implies, exclusively for those searching for college and scholarship money. This directory lists every imaginable Private Foundation, Federal, and State source of Scholarships and grants. For several years, this directory has helped many obtain the money they need for continuing education and if that is what your after, this is the guide for you. We are somewhat puzzled by the high price, because our other top picks are less expensive and contain this information and a lot more.

One Time: $49.00

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3.5 out of 6

This site has some very "odd" features. The website is loaded with advertisements for other types of programs. The continual pop-ups advertising other things can become annoying, but we have listed this program because it is still better than most grant sites we have seen. The actual directory has a decent amount of sources listed and is fairly well organized. But in our opinion the price is not justified however, compared to most this is a good directory and it does include a 90 day guarantee. If  you are really serious about receiving a grant, we suggest trying one of our higher ranking picks.

One Time: $39.95

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type at home review first                           Top Grant Sites
                                            (See Reviews Below)

       Site Link                          Rating       Guarantee      One-Time Fee                     6 out of 6                90 days                        $39.95                                5.5                      90 days                  $39.95           4                  90 days                        $49.00                                3.5                      90 days                        $39.95

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