WAH University

WAH University or Work at Home University claims to offer an "education" on how to make money from home.

You're about to be "educated" alright, but absolutely NOT in the way they have in mind.

Press the PLAY arrow and let the learning commence, then read the rest of the page, it's incredible.

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There are so MANY of these websites that are almost identical to the WAH University and they all use fictitious names (usually female), stock photos, and the video about the “Cherry Hill Mom that made a go of it.”

The only thing different about these programs is the name. You see, Michelle Withrow (until recently called Michelle Owens) is a fictitious character as is Kelly Nelson, Sarah Hunter, Judy Wilson, Janet Rhodes, Heather Johnson, Michael Harris and ALL of the literally dozens of names these things use.

What Work at Home University wants you to get involved with is “Link Posting.” This is where they try to convince you to become an “affiliate” with “major companies” and post ads all over the place.

This so called “opportunity” is NOT affiliated with Google in any way, shape or form. You are not working “for” these companies, you are trying to get people to buy products through your “link” in hopes that you will make a commission. It’s a joke!

You don’t need to PAY WAH University for this, almost every company will gladly give you an affiliate link for free. The ONLY way that you have a snowball’s chance of making on dime is to do Pay-Per-Click. This is where YOU actually pay for people to click on your ads.

Work At Home University is a monumental waste of time and money. As I said, this is nothing new, there MANY of these sites all over the place and once you’re involved they just keep hitting you for more and more money.

Words cannot express how RIDICULOUS WAH University truly is and how FAKE Michelle is. There is absolutely no reason for you to waste one penny or one second on it.

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