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SFI or Six Figure Income is an affiliate based marketing company owned by Gerry Carson, and at one time simply called Carson Marketing. There is a direct marketing aspect of the program, but you are encouraged to recruit others to earn an override on their efforts.

Your affiliate status is maintained by an ongoing charge of $29 per month and that allows you to sell the over 1 million products available. There are a wide variety of products, so targeting a specific group, with a specific set of products, will not be easy and this puts you in competition with things like Ebay. Who has all but cornered the market for selling "everything to everyone."

Your affiliate status provides you with motivational materials, business information, and a website. The website is replicated(identical) to all other SFI affiliates. This takes away the advantage of being unique and can make advertising more difficult and expensive.

Most direct marketing companies reserve the right to change their compensation plans at any time. Six Figure Income has done this on at least once, causing a sudden and dramatic reduction of income for many of the affiliates. As you can imagine, this had terrible consequences for many who worked so hard to reach a certain level of security.

After years of testing opportunities, Most of them generate NO Money because they don't have a Unique Product and Massive Appeal. I have finally found the REAL ONE that pays the best and has a VERY Unique Product with True MASS APPEAL and NO COMPETITION! This is the BEST you will EVER SEE. Honestly, if you don't check this out you will be very sorry! This IS finally, a business that is how you thought it should be. No chasing your friends and family, buying leads, or making endless phone calls. To find out which one Beats All Others Click Here

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