Kelly Richards Google

Kelly Richards and the Google “Kit” is a farce and a dangerous one. You’re not going to believe what I am about to tell you, but you better!

The heart renching story about a lady and her daughter popped up in front of you and I am sure that it said this woman lives in YOUR town or somewhere very close. Well guess what? SHE DOESN’T!

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, if you bring this page up or one of the MANY that are like it, with another woman’s name (and the same pictures), it will say she lives their too. Wow! She really gets around.

The reality is that this is incredibly misleading and you will find there is no “news 7” or "news 6" or the “Times Herald” or any of that other bogus garbage. Even though they try to make it as legit looking as possible in an attempt to gain your trust and then con you.

What this really is called is a continuity program and a very sneaky one at that. You may think that your only paying $1.99 or 2.99 or whatever it may say, but if you REALLY search around, you will find out that after 3 days or some ridiculously short amount of time they will charge you $68 bucks and then the same month after month.

If you are crazy enough to agree with that you will not only see charges for $68, but very likely (according to the people reporting to me) other charges for like $97, $197, or whatever they feel like charging you at the moment.

Bottom line, DON’T DO IT. If you do, you will find it almost impossible to stop these charges. If you are under the impression that simply cancelling your credit card will stop these charges, guess again, they will continue to accrue and ruin your credit.

A Debit card is a little different, you MAYBE can stop them if you want to cancel your debit card, but your bank may or may not refund your money because unbenounced to you, you implicitly agreed to it. Just DON’T DO IT or anything else that does not provide you a valid phone number and ANSWERS IT or calls you back.

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