Twenty-eight-year-old entrepreneur J.R. Watkins founded this company in Plainview, Minnesota in 1868. A first in the USA in natural remedy companies and in direct marketing. The next year, he introduced America’s first money back guarantee. The product, Watkins Red Liniment still sells in the US.

Being the first with such innovations, the tradition continues. Their Award-Winning Products are:

• Made with the finest ingredients

• Backed by the money-back guarantee

• A wide-variety for everyone

• Essential products that people use everyday.

Watkins famous products include: Vanilla and Spices (black pepper and cinnamon), They also offer gourmet specialty foods, botanical personal-and home-care products, elegant gift baskets and — of course — tried and true medicines. The pepper tins from the early 1900s are collector’s items.

Watkins was the first in network marketing as we call it today, offering a wide variety products from Good Tastings™ to Outdoor Wash, to Herb tablets (vitamins), to Watkins Almanac, Home Doctor, and Cookbook. Unfortunately, these products aren't very unique and are easily attainable or something like them, in many stores.

The income earning opportunity is there for all persons by becoming the distributors of the company. They offer:

• Superb marketing opportunity

• Well proven business models

• Good earning opportunity

• Reduced working capital

• 135 year old company reputation

• Good opportunities for world wide growth.

A training system is also available for distributors. The system has the following advantages:

• Good corporate support

• Good support of up-line distributors

• Corporate sponsored training for distributors.

The distributors also have the advantage of good distributor benefits like sponsored trips to worldwide destinations.

This company is the original MLM and it is proof that this is a great form of marketing. We believe however, that the marketing landscape has undergone an irreversible change and that is the internet! Whether you decide to represent this company or any of the other countless Network Marketing companies, you will surely be left behind if you do not utilize the internet.

Many companies have realized this and have tried to implement some form of internet marketing. Typically, these efforts fall well short of the most effective use of this medium. There is A LOT of factors involved to having a successful internet campaign and those who attempt it as an "after thought" find it difficult to compete.

If you are able to follow a simple, proven, step-by-step plan, put together by highly successful internet marketers who do nothing but this, you can soon find yourself with a very successful globlal internet business.

After years of testing Home companies, I noticed most of them don't generate enough money because they don't have a unique product. After years of research, I finally found THE one that pays the best and has a unique product that is different from all the rest. Email me at info@cash2flow.com to find out the MLM that beats all others.

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