Type-At-Home.com is a TOTAL waste of time. Do you REALLY think that there are companies out there that want you to do typing for them?

All this is really about is you paying the money and getting the runaround. Type-At-Home.com SUPPOSEDLY gives you a list of companies that are willing to pay you to place ads for them, but it is NOT real.

They offer silly bonuses to bamboozle you into thinking that they are going to give you other ways to make money online as well, however, they are just a charade as well.

There used to be ALL kinds of programs like Type-At-Home.com, but they are almost all gone because people found out that it is nothing but a big scam.

Stay as far away from ALL if these jikky kinds of things because all they are going to do is take your money, give you a bunch of busy work to do and hang you out to dry.

All type at home programs are a total farce and there is no way under the sun that you will make any money with Type-At-Home.com or any of the others.

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