T. J. Rohleder / More Inc.

T. J. Rohleder is the founder of More Inc. (M.O.R.E.) based out of Goessel, Kansas and over the years, he has come up with some unusual ways to make money from home.

This is basically a Mail Order Marketing company that used a technique whereby you utilize your telephone answering machine to play a sales message. The idea is that you send out mailers or place ads encouraging people to call the number to find out more about an opportunity.

T. J. also came up with the idea of placing ads on internet bulletin boards that offfered a quick and easy way to make money from home. It urged people to send money to get the secret, and when they did, they received a list of bulletin boards that they could place the same ads on! Not a whole lot of substance, but you have to give M.O.R.E. Inc an A for ingenuity, but not for really making money.

Now More Inc have come up with a new gimmick where they promise to put up a website for you that makes sales automatically. For around $1000 for starters, you can get into the "We will do it for you Millionaire" program. There are many things that promise this and everyonoe that I have talked to ended up paying WAY more than the initial price and didn't make money!

If you choose to get involved with this company, you will forever be trying the next gimmick that they come up with. You will spend money and maybe recoup your investment. I would recommend that you start a REAL online business that will make you a lasting and consistent income.

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