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Talk Fusion has become popular lately and in theory it seems like a good program, BUT... Here is a REAL Customer Testimonial, so decide for yourself!

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Send it to us and we will post it!: The owner of Talk Fusion (Bob Reina) is a nightmare. The First thing to do is to look at all the CEOs, Presidents, Marketing Directors TalkFusion has burned through in less than 6 months. Not one person lasts under his madness for more than a few months. Gerneal staff turnover is huge too. Talk Fusion is a lot like VM Direct but the problem with TalkFusion is, once you start to make money, Bob Reina will shut your site down and keep all the money or transfer it to someone else he likes. He is the King of double standards.

Some people break all the rules, and if he likes you, and can control you, you will never have a problem. However if he has the slightest dis-like or thinks you are not following his gold system. YOU ARE OUT!! Talk Fusion will shut your site down in a split second and you can't get back online.

He will not even let you use the service as a general customer! So the question is. I paid over $750.00 and I can't even use the service?? If that is gong to be the case, send me my money back! What a JOKE this guy is and Talk Fusion is a JOKE.

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