Success University

Success University founded by Matt Morris in 2005 and is an online company that is focused on Personal Development and Wealth Creation utilizing a Multi-Level Marketing Plan.

The Network Marketing aspect of the company is a Binary Format and is supported with regular conference calls and a replicated website. Hopefully, the training that is provided will keep you motivated to continue recruiting more people to become involved.

Success University is a privately held company based in Dallas, Texas. It has also been identified as a pyramid scheme. Success University does not employ any actual teachers and has no actual physical location.

Members are offered online courses on topics such as success in business, or physical well being. Members have to pay an introduction fee, and are then encouraged to invite other people to join in exchange for a part of the benefits.

According to a study by the Bank of Namibia, Success University presents the features of a pyramid scheme, and they have estimated that about 88% percent suffer losses, with only a minority - at the top of the pyramid - profiting at all. Namibia declared Success University illegal in 2008.

Some far off country declaring it a "pyramid scheme" certainly gives a third party perspective, but I don't think it is quite so sinister. They do have some good information, but so do the COUNTLESS other programs offering this type of thing.

I simply don't think that there is enough income potential to spend any time with it.

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