Russ Whitney has been running his Real Estate Infomercial for years and has invited thousands and thousands of people to his "free" seminar.

People are captivated with Real Estate and it is true that many Millionaires have their money because of it, but the days of making a lot of "fast" money with Real Estate are over. There are too many people trying to do it and many are losing A LOT of money due to these types of programs.

Years ago Russ Whitney had some good fortune with Real Estate and he decided to write a book about it. Amazingly, the book went over fairly well and that is the foundation of the seminars he still promotes today.

The initial "free" seminar is really only the beginning. This is a process whereby you will be asked to pay several thousand to get more information, that will lead you to pay several thousand more to get the "whole" story. This continues on as long as you have available funds on your credit cards.

Probably at some point, people made some money with the techniques Russ Whitney offers, but a lot of people have been financially devestated by this process.

In the world today the internet is where it is at. Information is KING and the wealthiest people in the world today got rich because of information and the internet!

I am positive there are better ways to make plenty of money and they don't cost thousands, which is definitely what the Russ Whitney program could end up costing.

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