Refco is a major US corporation with a presence in fourteen countries of the world including India and Middle East countries. The major work of of this company is done in the field of finance, be it has derivatives in: share markets of the world, cash, foreign exchange, commodity markets and debt. They also operate in futures market and through its global contacts, has a turnover of more than $3.3 billion. In futures market, it is the sixth largest player in the world. They have 2400 employees and 200,000 clients.

Refco uses proven technology, combined with flexible approach, research, and use of personal experience of the employees.Refco operates with modern technique and modern electronic equipment.

There platforms include:

REFCOPro for trade, market monitoring

• REFCOXpress for futures trading,

• REFCOConnect for internet based commerce.

• eSignal at REFCO for single trading platform combining all the applications without having to switch between applications.

• REFCO FX Online for FX trading

• is for affiliates and individual clients.

There is big buzz about this companies Foreign Exchange Trading activities and people are really seeking to get into this. A word of caution here: Forex Trading is very risky and there are A LOT of unsavory characters and companies involved.

Be very cautious about doing business with anyone that you have not checked out thoroughly.

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