Predator Marketing System

The Predator Marketing System (now called the Jaguar Marketing System) is one of several that I have seen promising riches without much effort or know-how. They claim that you can make $200,000 from home with the "first cost effective marketing system."

They state that with no prospecting, cold calling, or conference calls, you can build your existing business and build multiple streams of income, all without talking to a soul because "our trained professionals close your sales."

There are several other older programs that make very similar claims, stating that their "state of the art software" will practically do it all for you. This always makes me wonder why I get SO many calls and emails from people, asking me to help them market their "automated marketing system!"

The Predator (Jaguar) Marketing System business opportunity that was offered on among other places, is called a "one up" program(similar to a "two up" program). This means that the money only flows up one level rather than multiple levels like MLM. A "one up" means that you have to get one "qualifying sale." In other words, BEFORE you are qualified to make any money, you must find one person who is also willing to join at some level, ranging between $1200 to $4000!

Several of my sources have told me that they have put a lot of time and effort into setting this up and trying to follow all the things he was asked to do. This has left them feeling overwhelmed, as if there is no end to it and wondering where the "system" part starts. The "state of the art software" and "trained professionals" have not lived up to his expectations, to say the least!

I can tell you from experience, it is very possible to make good money on the internet and it is not difficult. Are you going to make $200,000 in your first year? Highly Doubtful! Can you make a third of that? Yes, if you have the right guidance and treat it like a business. There is more to it than putting up a website and hoping someone else will do it for you, as my sources discovered!

In all fairness, I guess that somewhere there are people making money with this or similar programs, but I know there are a lot who have been disappointed. Forget about the cars, boats, and mansions, that is all Hype! What you really need is to find out what the 1% of internet marketers who ACTUALLY make a lot of money do and do that!

It is not about Spending a bunch of money, it's about Making it!

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