National Awards Commission

The National Awards Commission is similar in nature to many other lottery and prize notification companies. The most notable is the International Awards Treasury.

These companies(if you want to call them that) are very crafty.They take great pains to print and personalize authentic looking certificates of notification, sent in personalized envelopes. They are "proud" to inform you that you have won the lottery or sweepstakes and that you will receive a large some of money.

These certificates look so real and official that many people are persuaded to send money or credit card information to "cover" the taxes on their winnings. Obviously, this is just a ploy to get your money and your information which can be used to devestate you financially. This technique is also used to try and sell you something. We have seen it used to sell jewelry at a reasonable price that turns out to be pure junk!

If you receive any notification from a lottery or sweepstakes that you do not remember signing up for, our advice is to put it directly into file 13. Trash it and don't look back! This is also true for online sweepstakes or outrageous emails claiming you have been awarded millions!

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