Millionaires Mind

Mind-Tek Research has created an Neuro Programming product called Millionaire's Mind - Wealth Conditioning System. This is a two CD set that is designed to implant the knowledge and MOSTLY mindset of what Mind Tek perceives to be typical of Millionaires.

Supposedly, they have done a great deal of research and determined some similar thought processes of successful individuals. This course, over time will, it is claimed, change your thought processes and unlock the secrets of the Millionaire's Mind.

The first CD is for the programming and the second conditions your mind to be triggered by certain music. This is a relatively well known technique. You have probably seen "Hypnotists" call people out of an audience and tell them that when he counts to 5, they will turn into their dog or something. This is the same idea, but as you can imagine, training the mind to actually THINK like someone else is a long process.

Years ago, I purchased a very similar product and really tried to follow it. To improve my golf game or something. I think it did help a little, but you soon go back to your old way of thinking unless you are constantly reinforcing the programming by continuing with it very regularly.

Millionaire's Mind Intensive Seminar and Book are harmless and they are not sublimenaly trying to program you to assassinate the Prime Minister of Malaysia or anything. How much this helps you to become successful though, is VERY questionable.

To actually BE successful depends on many factors, the main one being what you DO. If you are selling snow cones in Siberia, I don't care how you think, you will not be a Millionaire.

The Millionaire's Mind Game, Cd's or Seminar might move you in the right direction or motivate you, but it definitely won't show you any specific way to make money.

All I do is try and test Home Business Opportunities and most don't actually produce income regardless of you mindset. For years, I tried business after business and then the internet came along. I was optimistic then, but now I KNOW how good an online business can be, I guess you could say that I now actually have a Millionaire's mind.

Everyone is now positive that the internet is the future and if you want to succeed from home, you need to be online. It is not, as so many of the internet "opportunities" claim, an easy thing to do. For me to get to this point it took years and tens of thousands of dollars. You have to learn what REALLY works, but unfortunately not many successful online marketers are willing to tell you, but it definitely can be done. If you can follow the blueprint used by successful internet marketers, you may have your own Millioaire's Mind.

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