Michael Wong

Before he wrote his e-book, “Search Engine Optimization Strategies”, Michael Wong was working as a waiter and a cook in various restaurants to make a living.

He never had a formal education in internet technology or marketing, but now he is living a life that is only a dream for most people, he works for just two hours a day checking his emails and he does not sell anything because his products seem to sell automatically.

Michael Wong started his web site in 1998, for just $500. After working on it for just 18 months he sold it to iBost for an undisclosed large amount of money. He soon launched another site AMGY.com Network in March 2002 and Mike’s Marketing Tools.com is also doing very well. He now has dozens of sites with thousands of pages of content.

Michael is young and successful, but not into the spotlight. He likes to keep a low profile and enjoy the fruits of his labor, but he is prolific and continues to develop new ideas and ways to market them.

Michael does all of his marketing through search engines and people come to him when they need help in that area. His sites are highly ranked and he is definitely an authority on Search Engine Marketing. He has products for the beginner, as well as the advanced internet marketer. He is a living testiment to the power of the internet to level the playing field and I recommend him for the search engine optimization aspect of online marketing. Combined with a more comprehensive guide to the other equally important aspects of internet marketing, Michael can be of great help.

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