Mentors In Motion

The Mentors in Motion program is the brainchild of Val Smyth who is a very successful network marketer.

The self improvement industry, which goes hand in hand with Network Marketing is doing very well and this program promotes that concept. Mentors In Motion, like many other Network Marketing Companies has a positive high energy style.

This company seems similar to a well established program called Global Prosperity, but I have not heard much about that in a while. It is not exactly the same, but that program also offered motivational products.

Mentors offers to put up a website for it's members that will help with their business. The internet can surely do that, but I'm not sure that these websites are as good as they could be. If they are replicated, they will be difficult to advertise.

There are a few other programs similar to this and most of them are very expensive to join and to actively participate in. Like all network type companies there are ever increasing costs to continue advancing.

After years of testing companies, I noticed most of them don't generate enough money because they don't have a unique product. After years of research, I finally found the one that pays the best and has a unique product with True mass appeal and NO COMPETITION! Finally, an Opportunity that is how you thought it should be. To find out which one Beats All Others Click Here

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