The infomation on states that you don't have to cold call, prospect, or put in much time and effort. The idea is to just sit back and collect your checks. This makes me wonder why I have so many people calling me wanting help to market their "automated marketing system."

This is what everyone is wishing for and it sounds like a great idea, but it always bothers me when a program promises tremendous success with little effort, skill, or training. The internet is a great income vehicle, but you do need to know how to drive it!

The Prosperity Automated System ™ is what promotes and it is supposed to do it all: prospecting, sorting, follow up, and saving you hours of phone time and frustration by electonically doing it all for you. If after all of that the people still don't sign up with PAS, then they can buy your alternative product, if you have one!

What is the miracle that allows this to happen? Well, it is "virtually all software," for which you must purchase a 12 or 36 month license to use.

This is called a "one up" program, meaning that the money flows up one level instead of several levels like MLM. When you join at either the $3895 level or the $1995 level, a portion of this money goes "one up" to the person who sponsored you. You are then required to make a "qualifying" sale before you are eligible to have the money flow up to you.

If you do not have that kind of money to invest, you can pay $49 and find several people who will pay $1995 or $3895 and your in.

The Prosperity Automated System ™ does provide a website and various tools to help you with this process for an onging fee and obviously, if you are promoting a business over the internet, some sort of web presence is mandatory, megawealthy is someone's idea of web presence.

Of the sources that provided me with this information about this opportunity, some made money, others did not, but they were paying a lot of money each month to advertise. That is typically the case with every opportunity, so merely paying thousands of dollars to be involved does not guarantee success. It is possible that MegaWealthy could work for you, but there are definitely less expensive ways to succeed online.

You can generate unlimited amount of interested parties for megawealthy or anything else, if you really learn how internet marketing REALLY works. You can spend big money for that too, but there is no need for that. If you would like to be a master at driving traffic and converting it into whatever you want, keep reading.

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