Liberty League International ™

Liberty League International ™ makes BIG Promises, but you are about to find out the whole story!

The founders of Liberty League International ™ are Brent Payne and Shane Krider who formed this company with the idea of promoting self-improvement and wealth accumulation. Two concepts that work very nicely together.

This is not Network Marketing in the traditional sense, but it definitely has MLM characteristics. There are products offered and you will be inviting others to join, but unlike Network Marketing, where money is funneled up through an organization that you create, the money only moves "up" one level.

Upon joining Liberty League ™ for several thousand dollars, you will need to find two others to join and these two are your qualifiers. Then you will be "qualified" to start earning. You will be assisted in this process by an upline sponsor and the money from these two initial sales is passed up to that individual(2up). Hopefully these will not be the only warm market leads that you have!

At the point where you have attained your "Qualifiers" you then are in a position to earn by helping your people bring in others. You will also need to attend the various company sponsored events, at a cost of several thousand dollars, to continue to advance in the company.

Success in any program that involves bringing in others makes it necessary to have a consistent supply of interested prospects. There are many different ways to find these individuals, but being able to generate you own unique leads will be the most advantageous and cost effective or you can buy leads and that could run you a thousand or more per month.

There is potential is here, but it takes a concerted effort and a strong desire to succeed. Motivation and a positive attitude are a must. LLI will provide the motivation, but the positive attitude and effort must be supplied by you. An unlimited long distance phone plan will be of great assistance as well because buying the leads is just the beginning, you will need to call, call, call!

The number one ingredient for success with any business is fresh new QUALIFIED prospects and we have found that the internet is the best way to find them. If you take a little time to educate yourself on a simple, easy, PROVEN, step-by-step path you can maximize the internet for Liberty League International ™ or anything else!

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