Internet Million Dollars

I bought Internet Million Dollars because the sales page looked really really professional. Catchy music, real professional slick look, female voice over promising me that I'll be taught how to get rich. Now you will find out the Truth and if you don't read this Whole Page, you'll have yourself to blame!

When I got the product it's just another ebook packed with a load of bonuses to make it look as if there is more value.

In brief the product covered the same affiliate marketing techniques that everyone else is discussing in their products. Again, like many other products you only get an introduction to the subject and there is much more that you are not taught. That is, what you really need to know to make the kind of money that the authors are making.

I find that a lot of products are like this. You only get told so much, and then you need to buy another product (an upsell) to get a step further. To be fair, it was nicely presented, but it did not go far enough to make it really worth the $50 I spent on it. The information is also a bit dated too. But that's not all...

I also discovered that there was some real dubious marketing involved with this product. A claim was made that this product has made 1,327 millionaires in 2006 in a so called press release. I will say straight out - BS!".

If there were that many millionaires made with this program it would be prime time news. After investigating the names and companies mentioned in the press release such as "Watkins Analytics" on Google, I found no trace of them.

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