I received an email about an "incredible" home business opportunity and it led me to HomeBiz7.com. As you have probably seen, there are some impressive testimonials from people who have started doing something from home, but they do not tell you what!

You are directed to fill out a form to receive your "free" training package for a 14 day "risk free" trial. Actually you are required to pay the shipping for the package and you have 14 days from the time THEY ship it, not the time you receive it. If you feel as though this is not for you and you want to return it, you must post mark it within the 14 days or you will be charged $29.95. This means that somewhere along the line you must give up your credit card number just to find out what the opportunity is and that made me wonder why they call it "free."

HomeBiz7 also offers you some additional Bonuses for requesting the information, one is an ebook that says it will help you select the "right" business. It gives a lot of testimonials, but still does not tell you what the business is. The ebook does mention the Health and Wellness Industry, which leads me to believe that it is some sort of MLM that focuses on Nutritional Supplementation.

HomeBiz7.com also states that a Professional Home Business Coach will CALL you and answer all of your questions. It may be different in this situation, but with many programs this is where they ask for more money to "help" you get the business up and running or to convince you to join their marketing program.

The system is effective and well done, but I was not comfortable with giving out my credit card information to receive "free" information, especially when I have so little time to actually evaluate the infomation before having additional charges placed on my card. I would have been more inclined to follow through if I had a better idea about the actual company and product.

Without a doubt, I agree that starting a Home Business is a good thing. You can make extra income, you get great tax advantages, and time freedom, but I was hoping for more information than HomeBiz7.com was willing to share with me.

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