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EZ Wealth By Design is advertised as the all encompassing Internet marketing business. Talk about technical overload!The subliminal flash presentation, slick graphics, and the complexity of this programreminds me of SkyBiz(the first internet MLM, it went bust) This programs contains so many levels and features that it will either impress you beyond belief or confuse you into submission.

As you may have ascertained I am not a big fan of Online MLM's. They promise "spillover" and building from the bottom and "guaranteed" profit for everyone because of mathmatical certainty. Well, that certainty has cost a lot of people a lot of money and I have been one of them!

But maybe I shouldn't judge a book by it's cover so, I will just tell you what I know about EzWealthByDesign.com

One portion of this system lets you make a one time purchase of $48.79 or $329.39 for your business package and you can make from $38 to $925 in 7 months sharing profits.

Depending on the level of your purchase you can receive a replicated website(identical to all the others) and promotional tools. You automatically get paid without even having to visiting your site or do anything(?) for 7 months.

No sponsoring is required for this part of the program and you even don’t have to call your friends and family to beg them to join. Future purchases are made automatically out of your gross profits, which ensures that the company makes money. The promoters do all the work and you get paid, not a lot, but remember, you didn't have to do anything!

Search Engine submission services and new member referrals is what drives EZ Wealth By Design. What makes this program so popular is supposedly the high demand for website search engine submission.

If you are familiar with the internet, then you know that there are a zillion "search engine submission" companies and deals available. It has been my experience that almost all of them are BOGUS. I spent thousands for this in earlier days and was taken everytime! Who knows though, maybe this is different, that is your chance to take.

Direct Sales Commissions are also available if you sponsor people into the program. This is where the MLM aspect of the program kicks in. If you are a recruiter and have experience with Relationship Marketing you can also qualify for the Group Sales Bonuses.

This program could be a money maker, but unless you recruit, which basically translates into doing sales, you won't make a lot of money.

You will need a steady stream of interested parties, but typically MAJOR search engines will NOT list replicated sites. That makes me wonder about the EZ Wealth By Design "search engine submission tools." Theoretically, it is a great plan though!

What you really need is a way to find large amounts of opportunity seekers. They are out there, by the millions, you just need to know how to attract them.

The promotional tools this company gives you might help a little, but what you really need is a step-by-step plan put together by highly successful internet marketers that is inexpensive and easy to follow. That is what will REALLY "guarantee" success, but if you really must find out for yourself then try EZ Wealth By Design!

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