is a program that is supposed to completely set you up in a turn-key internet business(run like the wind when you hear "turn-key").

They supposedly put up a very nice website and fill it with THEIR top selling products and you are then going to rake in the cash. Unfortunately, like most of these programs, most people don't make any money.

I received the following email from a disgruntled participant in this program. I have not added to or taken away from anything that he said and I think it speaks for itself!


I signed up for busines which offeredwebsite set up and their top selling products.

When I saw the uncompetitiveprices and slow web site that they produced. They told me there was a money backguarantee if I didn't want it.

I called to get a refund. In the intial offeringthere is no mention of the fact that you must use the system for 1 year before arefund can be issued.

That information only came in a packet sent a week afterthe membership. So, they make interest off of my investment for a year before Ican get it back?

Nice scam....

I do not recommend this opportunity.

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