Currency Exchange Profits by Greg Jarkorski(?) as it is NOW named, WAS not so long ago named: E by Gary Jezorski.

This guy has changed the name on his website a couple of times, I suppose because he has a lot of complaints against him. He credits himself as being the creator of the E Currency Exchange Business, but that is absolutely NOT true.

There were MANY other programs hyping E Currency Trading WAY before E or, as it is now called, came along.

There are many E Currency Trading “Companies” around the world(Offshore) that will sell you shares, just like stock. Because you provide the REAL money, these E Currency Companies are able to acquire more of these speculative shares with YOUR money. Your "investment" has now provided them with REAL CASH to speculate with. For this investment, you are supposed to share in a percentage of the new money that they make.

Most of the other prominent E Currency Exchange Programs that were being offered on the internet, have LONG since changed their approach or gone under completely. The reason is simple: it is easy to put money in, it is a totally different story when you try to get it out. There are people who have lost Thousands of Dollars with this!

These E Currency Companies are by no means Regulated by any government that I know of and certainly NOT by the United States. It is RISKY, to say the least. They can give you your money when they want too or maybe not at all!

As far as E Currency is concerned, several other well established Internet Marketers who were offering a form of E Currency Trading, packed up and headed for the hills a couple of years ago.

Typically, if people people marketing a program are making money they will keep advertising it, but when people start asking for their money back in droves they move on. That is exactly what everyone else did with the exception of Gary(or whatever he calls himself now) and!

It is true, the more risk the more the return, but this is foolish risk as many have found out. There are plenty of ways to make money online without sweating through this!

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