Click Income

Click Income is an e-commerce solutions provider. They make BIG promises about their ability to help someone start and grow an online business. Now you will find out the WHOLE TRUTH!

There are almost an endless number of companies that claim to do what Click Income does and use very elaborate means to make you believe it. They want you to think that they will pretty much do it for you and you will be wildly successful online.

But that ain't exactly what happens!

ClickIncome will try to sell you what they call their "Executive Package" first and this is supposed to include 4 or 5 websites that are up and ready to make you money. The idea of these sites is to help you sell websites to others.

They want you to use Ebay and other means to draw people to your website, sell them cheap 2 page websites, credit card processing(which they can find on the internet for FREE), and advertising.

This is also supposed to include 4 training sessions. These training sessions are to help YOU build the websites that were SUPPOSED to already be built for you!

My sources tell me that the "expert" goes so fast that it is almost impossible even to write it down. For all of this you will pay about $4500, but keep reading, you won't believe what comes next...

When you finish you fourth "training session" you will be told to be expecting a very "important" phone call. When you receive that call it is supposed to last an hour for "advanced training."

What will actually happen is the call will last several hours and the guy will be telling you how much money you're going to make and how they are going to help you make it.

He will go on and on blowing smoke and making promises and when he thinks you have been beaten down enough he'll drop the bomb:

$20,000!!!!! but that's not all...

Now that you fully realize what is going on, you may want out of the ongoing monthly fees. It is also going to be an ordeal to stop these. This is obviously not anywhere close to how you really make money on the internet. There is absolutely NO Reason to put yourself through all of this Click Income nonsense!

I have tried and tested hundreds of online opportunities and ONLY ONE still provides a Rock Solid Income and it's 100% FREE. To see it for yourself Click Here

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