Click To Profit

Click To Profit (or Simply Click To Profit) by Marilyn Chambers is supposed to make you a ton of money for ONLY $47, now you will find out what is really going on here.

This program is trying to sell you on the idea of being an “Auction Listing Agent” which actually is a real vocation, sort of. To call yourself an “Auction Listing Agent,” all you basically need to do is have something to sell on Ebay.

Then you spend countless hours advertising your auction, be it on Ebay itself or with Pay-Per-Click advertising which will cost you a fortune. The overwhelming percentageof A.L.A are involved with some sort of dropship warehouse outfit that supposedly gives you a better price on items than you can normally find and therefore you can sellit on Ebay cheaper.

Well there are tons of these types of warehouses, so you have a situation where the person that can sell something for the LEAST amount of money is the winner. So forall intents and purposes, it is a race to the bottom. To put it simply, it is basically a colossal waste of time and money.

Simply Click To Profit, in reality, leads you immediately to a company called “Doba” which is one of the biggest of theses “warehouses.” So right off the bat, they want you to spend even more money to get involved with the nightmare that is “dropshipping.”

On top of the fact that there are literally HUNDREDS of websites that are IDENTICAL to Simply Click To Profit, each using a different FAKE female name, the same phony “news” video, AND they want you to order through an UNSECURE page, the information that his website offers can be found for free all over the place.

What this is really all about is getting you to spend a little up front and then trying to get you to buy more and more and more. YES, they think that you are really stupid and gullible, so DON’T BE. Leave this Simply Click To Profit NONSENSE in your rear view mirror fast.

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