Carbon Copy Pro ™

You're about to get a rude awakening from Carbon Copy Pro ™. This is the creation Of Jay Kubassek and Mike Dillard and is promoted by Andrew Cass and MANY others. If you decide to join Carbon Copy without reading this entire review, you will have only yourself to blame!

In most cases people are sucked into this based on the unbelievably long drawn out "Coffee House Letter" that has been floating around the internet for years.

CarbonCopyPro ™ charges a mandatory application fee (funded proposal technique) to see if you "qualify" to participate. Guess what? If you send them $50, you are "qualified!"

But, for what? Well, you then have the priviledge of paying another $199 to receive a video of Jay Kubassek and Mike Dillard.

The video basically tries to convince you to NEVER listen to anyone that says anything negative about Carbon Copy Pro. Don't pay attention to Blogs, Forums, or anything else that criticizes their program. Don't even believe people who have spent Thousands and failed with CarbonCopyPro!

Carbon Copy Marketing promises: No personal selling or explaining, no learning how to advertise, UNLESS YOU CHOOSE! No prospecting or phone work, EVER! No hassles or frustration, no long learning curve, and all of your sales will be closed for you, etc. It appears that you are required to do nothing, yet the training is provided. Training for what, it's all done for you, right?

CarbonCopy Pro ™ doesn't tell you about any MLM or Network Marketing Company, but they do mention a product and a "Partner Company." That "Partner Company" is none other than Wealth Masters International which is an expensive 2-Up Program.

Wealth Masters has three levels where you can choose to participate. You can start at the lowly Level 1 for about $2000, Level 2 for $9999, and of course if you're really serious, Level 3 for $16,999!

But there's more...

Even after laying out that kind of cash you will still need to pay Carbon Copy about $150/month and about $40 to maintain your website with them. Then you will need to buy EXPENSIVE leads and call, call, call. Any program that ENCOURAGES you to buy their leads, which this one does, is the wrong program! Realize this...

Carbon Copy Pro ™, like ALMOST all other programs, is looking to make YOU their Profit Center. That is how their business plan was set up and they care VERY little if you succeed!

For years I've been trying and testing opportunities like Carbon Copy, spending $10's of Thousands. They ALL have LONG Sales Letters, asking stupidly obvious questions, and wanting you to "Qualify."

Then they STILL don't tell you the whole story, because if they did, you would shake your head in disbelief. They all make Outlandish Claims and Promise the Moon and then, if you fail, somehow it was your fault!

CCPro wants you to believe that you will make a lot of money just because YOU SPEND A Lot of Money. Then they want you to try and convince others to do the same thing. Good luck with that in this economy.

If anyone tries to convince you that it is necessary to pay Thousands and Thousands to start a successful Business Online, you should know better. have tried and tested Hundreds of online opportunities like Carbon Copy Pro and ONLY ONE still provides a Rock Solid Income. To see it for yourself Click Here

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