Affiliate Program Truth

Your about to find out the TRUTH when it comes to making money with Affiliate Programs and how you really do it!

With the rush to the internet, there are more Affiliate Programs than ever before, but like anything, you better know what you are doing BEFORE you get involved.

Over the years, we have reviewed hundreds of Affiliate Programs, some we made tons of money with, but only after we figured out how Affiliate Marketing REALLY works. Every program says something like, "this is the highest converting program on the internet" and "you can make thousands a day doing practically nothing." What a CROCK, after you see that statement about 10,000 times you start to realize that they ALL say that!

The truth is that these programs have no way of knowing what YOUR conversion rate is because 99.9% of the time, they have no way of knowing how you are sending traffic to them! But if you want to make any money, YOU better have a strategy and know EXACTLY how you are sending them traffic. This is the biggest mistake that people make when they get involved with internet marketing affiliate programs.

Most people join a program and then try everything they see online that claims to drive traffic. The problem is that even though you may drive some traffic, it is un-targeted, so you are basically throwing something against the wall to see if it sticks. Definitely NOT the highest profit way to go about it.

It took me a long time to figure that out! I would send thousands of visitors to what I thought was the best affiliate marketing program, only to find out that I wasted time, effort, and money. I thought it was going to be so easy and that I would just be rolling in the cash, but at first, it did not turn out that way.

Of course, all of these programs want you to think that it is super easy to make money with them. After all, it doesn't cost them any time, effort, or money! That is the point of having an affiliate program, having someone else advertise for you.

To actually succeed with Affiliate Marketing Programs you must know how to filter out the surfers and find the people who are actually interested in the program you represent. There is much more to it than the "luck of the draw." You drastically increase your chances of success if the person going to visit your program is already "hot" for it!

There are two ways to ensure that: You either put your program in front of people that are inclined to be interested in it or you capture people's attention and MAKE them interested in it. Ideally, you want both of these things working for you at the same time. Knowing how to do this will practically guarantee that you succeed!

I see so many people who become fed up and frustrated with marketing Affiliate Programs that they just give up completely. Just because it is on the internet does not make it "Magic!" Most people think that it is all about the "program" and that luck plays a major role in it. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. Marketing on the internet is one of the most predictable business there is. If you take certain actions, you will have measurable and predictable outcomes every time!

You certainly would not pay $100,000 for a franchise if you did not receive EXACT instructions on how to run it, would you? Even though Affiliate programs are typically free to join, you are still spending your precious time trying to make them work. Once you really understand how EASY internet marketing is, when you do it right, you can make a fortune with affiliate marketing or anything else you want.

I have dropped tens of thousands of dollars trying to educate myself about making money online with Affiliate Programs and I finally figured it out. Now I make several hundred thousand dollars a year on the internet. You can feel free to do what I did and spend the money, time, and anguish, but there is a short cut. If you would like to see the best "how to" Affiliate Program Internet Marketing guide I have ever seen Click Here