You probably just saw the television commercial advertising 4GetMoney.com offering you a simple and easy opportunity, but you are about to find out the whole story!

I have been testing and reviewing home business opportunities for years, so when I saw the commercial I wanted to find out what new twist these people had come up with. In most cases, I find out that there is "nothing new under the sun" and this was no exception.

The idea is for you to go to 4GetMoney.com and put in your personal information, including your phone number and the best time for them to call. So obviously, you WILL receive a phone call, probably pretty quick. The person will want to ask you some questions and "screen" you to make sure that you are "qualified" to participate!

Either on the site itself or over the phone, you can sign up to get the information package and all you have to do is pay the shipping, but you need to read the fine print. This offer gives you 14 days to "look it over" and if you decide it is not for you, you MUST have it back to them in "original condition" WITHIN the 14 days. That sounds fair, right?

Some deals like this use the terms "original condition" to mean UNOPENED, if you opened it, you bought it and they will typically charge you around $100 and some even continue to charge you month after month.

That is just one aspect of 4GetMoney. The other is to try to convince you to join their "health and wellness" opportunity, so this is really a "feeder" program for a Network Marketing company. Very clever, huh? I know that Herbalife(TM) has many different affiliates trying to use the 'mystery' approach, but the representative would not tell me which company this was!

The key to succeeding with any Home Business, especially Network Marketing, is duplication. So if you get involved with this, you will need to be prepared to pay A LOT to put yourself in the position to call and "screen" people just like the person did to you. You will need to 4 Get about Making any money and figure out how to come up with the money to join!

If you have time to sit on the phone and call people and you have several thousand dollars sitting around then this might be for you. There are however, much easier ways to make money using the internet. I would much rather have an automated internet business rather than sit around and call people on the telephone, if you would too Click Here

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