The 4-E Corporation is a company that is supposed to have the “miracle” answer to cutting your gasoline costs by increasing your mileage with an additive. When I first looked into this, there were so many warning signs right off the bat that it sent me running for the hills!

There was a huge amount of controversy swirling around about whether this product even worked, if what 4E was selling WAS the actual product that worked, or if there even was such a product, it was a ridiculous mess! You had people who used to be with the company bad-mouthing it and trying to get people to join another company that had the “REAL” product. Apparently there was a huge question as to whether 4-Ecorp was actually distributing a product that had a patent on it and had been tested to save a little in terms of gas costs.

There were questions about whether the product worked, if it was authentic, people claiming that it damaged their cars, and what appeared to be a whole host of shady characters.

All of this drama unfolding and the company had just started!

It is involved, but apparently some scientist, years ago, came up with a product that was supposed to lower emissions and therefore increase gas mileage. It was tested by the Army and had some good results and supposedly this is what 4E was selling. But there were many allegations that they were selling some concoction that wasn’t even the real thing.

I was on a conference call with some big time MLM guy who was with the 4E-Corporation, but then got out because his conscience was bothering him and there was also some Attorney on the call with a number of other characters, all slamming 4E.

Allegations of fraud, false advertising, and unscrupulous business practices were running rampant. I continued to receive emails from people warning me not to get involved and to join their “gas” company instead. It got to the point that I had no clue who to believe and I wasn’t about to try the product after hearing people say it ruined their engine!

I saw things stating that people involved with 4E-Corp had some very spotted pasts, to say the least and I wanted no part of it. There is a lot more to it and it all seemed to be bad, so I decided to stay as far away as I could and if anyone asks me, that would be my suggestion.

When there is total chaos from the very beginning and allegations of impropriety flying back and forth from the get go, I would have a very hard time trusting that it would all somehow work out. I mean it would be great to save a few bucks on gas and maybe make a few on the side, but these people were acting like it was the greatest thing ever. It’s not!

Begging people to try it, competing with the HUGE amount of other products that claim to do the exact same thing, taking the chance that it would mess up someone’s car, and then they would be looking cross ways at me? No thanks!

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