Qualified Domestic Relations Orders / (QDRO)

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders / (QDRO) is what could be a life or death topic, so read this carefully!

As you can see by the topics on this website I do not typically cover domestic issues, but lately, I have received so many nightmare stories the about the QDRO process, and some horrible, heartbreaking outcomes, this is some Business that tears apart homes.

Because of these stories, I decided to clear up misconceptions about the Process and what you need to WATCH OUT for.

Unfortunately, just like everything else these days, it’s hard to know who to trust. Greed and corruption IS present in the Qualified Domestic Relation Order process as well.

People, especially Attorneys, WILL use the ignorance of there clients about QDROS that can cause financial devestation. MANY trusting souls have walked away from this process under the assumption that everything is in order, only to find out, to late, that they have been mislead and cheated.

The lesson here is: Don’t Trust Anyone, until YOU are fully informed, so you can make sure no one is pulling the wool over your eyes!

Probably the most heart-breaking story I have heard was a women, let’s call her Jill. Jill has 4 children ranging form 8 – 16, Jill found out that her scoundrel of a husband had cheated on her (more than once) and she filed for divorce. It was not amicable.

She had to fight for what was rightfully hers every step of the way, this of course, included the Retirement Savings. Unfortunately, she got involved with an attorney out of Arizona who APPEARED to be on the up and up. He was great at making his activities look very professional, legitimate, and by the book.

Of course, through this time there was much emotional strain and uncertainty, but she felt good about her attorney. After all was said and done, she was under the impression that she and her family would be taken care of, she, to her horror, found out that she had been flat out scammed.

To sum it up, she is now totally broke from having to pay FOUR different Attorneys to get this all reversed. Jill feels that she cheated her children out of College and a better life.

If you are even considering a Qualified Domestic Relations Order, you MUST educate yourself thoroughly, it IS one of, if not THE, most important decisions that you will ever make. Don’t relive Jill’s story!

After extenensive research, it is my recommendation that one of the best things that you can do is INFORM YOURSELF, to do that Click Here!